Cayo Matias (Cuba)

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29 November 2000 - 07 December 2000

A twisted mangrove maze offers you a world of adventure. To my surprise, the water inside the maze is clear. Adult barracuda lay their eggs in the twisted paths, so when the eggs hatch the young have plenty of food and protection from predators. Not many people have snorkeled in this aquatic paradise. When you jump into the water, the fish do not dash for shelter, instead they come and investigate. The outer reef offers little or no protection, but because of the wave action, the water is clear and clean. A family of Queen Trigger fish have made their home in this particular reef. They all swim in single file from biggest to smallest. The smallest and end of the line trigger fish must have been about 4 inches wide and 3 inches long.

Sunset at Cayo Matias